13 Weekend Getaways From Ahmedabad For All Wanderlust Souls

When you are young, you should spend all your weekends exploring what the world has to offer. A tiring week can be easily changed to an enthralling one by spending the weekend in the right away. For all wanderlust souls, traveling to new destinations can change the boring weekend feels. And if you are one of them then you ought to check out this incredible list of the best weekend getaways from Ahmedabad. Though there is a lot that you can do in this ravishing city, heading out and traversing the nearby places will surely have its perks. The weekend is coming and before it ends, you need to slide away to someplace that appeals to your soul!

Top 13 Weekend Getaways From Ahmedabad

To make the cumbersome act of selecting that perfect spot for your weekend easy, you must go through this list of the most popular weekend getaways from Ahmedabad. Keep scrolling down and read along to know more about them!

  • Vadodara – Home To Architectural Marvels
  • Rajkot – A City Full Of Attractions
  • Mount Abu – The Pleasant Hill Station
  • Udaipur – The Place With Historical Buildings
  • Surat – The Diamond City
  • Junagadh – The Historic Weekend Getaway
  • Lothal – The Remnants Of Early Civilization
  • Patan – The Saree Center
  • ChampanerPavagadh – An Archeological Site
  • Bhuj – The City Preserving Heritage
  • Kumbhalgarh – The Fort, Citadel And Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary – Watch The Birds
  • Anand – The Milk Legacy City

1. Vadodara – Home To Architectural Marvels


Image Credit: Tanay Bhatt for Wikimedia Commons

Known for its architectural marvels, Vadodara is the best spot if you are looking for short weekend getaways from Ahmedabad. Home to several religious places and ancient palaces, Vadodara is one of the prime cities to visit in Gujarat. You can either drive till Vadodara or take a bus as it is located at a distance of 111 km which can be easily covered in 2 hours.

Distance From Ahmedabad: 111 km
Tourist Attractions: Makarpura Palace, Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park, Vadodara Museum & Picture Gallery, Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary
Best Hotels: Vivanta, Vadodara Surya Palace, Welcomhotel Vadodara, Grand Mercure
How to reach: Air travel and railways are the most preferred mode of transportation. Vadodara is well connected to major parts of the country.

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2. Rajkot – A City Full Of Attractions


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Tourists are attracted by the spectacular tourist attractions in Rajkot and while they are on a vacation mode in Gujarat they make it a point to explore these places. Rajkot is located 214 km and it is one of the best weekend getaways from Ahmedabad as it is easily reachable. Dams, lakes, temples, museums and many other such spots will keep you busy on your weekend. If you feel like taking a break from exploring the city then you can head to the famous Ishwariya Park. At this park, you can indulge in outdoor activities with your family or relax while reading your favorite book.

Distance From Ahmedabad: 214 km
Tourist Attractions: Kaba Gandhi No Delo, Rotary Dolls Museum, Watson Museum, Prem Mandir, Shri Ranchhoddas Ashram, Ishwariya Temple
Best Hotels: Regenta RPJ Rajkot, Sayaji Hotel Rajkot, Hotel Tirupati, Hotel Nova Boutique
How to reach: Rajkot is a major city and junction in the western railways. So, trains are  a great way to travel to Rajkot. The city also has an airport which is connected to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

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3. Mount Abu – The Pleasant Hill Station

Mount Abu

Image Credit: Andreas Kleemann for Wikimedia Commons

Hills, pleasant weather and a relief from the scorching heat, head to Mount Abu and experience all three. Known for its stunning Dilwara Temples, Mount Abu is a ravishing hill station in Rajasthan. From chic restaurants to amazing markets, there is a lot to explore in this city. You can relish delectable Rajasthani food at these restaurants. If you are a shopaholic then you can shop for, like Kota sarees, silver jewels, sandstone idols, Sanganeri block printed fabrics and sandalwood powder.

Distance From Ahmedabad: 226 km
Tourist Attractions: Dilwara Jain Temples, Nakki Lake, Peace Park, Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Guru Shikhar Peak
Best Hotels: Hotel Lake Palace, Hotel Hillock, Hotel Hilltone, Welcome Heritage Connaught House
How to reach: The most preferred option to visit Mount Abu is via roads. The nearest airport is in Udaipur, about 210 km from Mount Abu. You can avail taxis and bus services from there.

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4. Udaipur – The Place With Historical Buildings


Image Credit: Dennis Jarvis for Wikimedia Commons

Looking for romantic weekend getaways from Ahmedabad? Take your beloved to the royal city and get ready to experience bliss. Remarkable restaurants, luxurious resorts, and fascinating tourist attractions await you in Udaipur. Called the City of Lakes, Udaipur has many ancient palaces, serene lakes, and spectacular forts that you ought to visit on your getaway. While you are in the city you must take a boat ride through the lakes and witness the beauty of this royal city.

Distance From Ahmedabad: 264 km
Tourist Attractions: Lake Palace, City Palace, Jag Mandir, The Monsoon Palace, Fateh Sagar Lake, Vintage Car Museum
Best Hotels: Fateh Vilas, Radisson Blu, Hotel Moustache, Aurika, The Leela Palace
How to reach: Being a historic and tourism-centric city, Udaipur is very well connected to the rest of the country. There is a domestic airport, a railway station and obviously, a wonderful roadway connectivity.

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5. Surat – The Diamond City


Image Credit: Tarunyadav1989 for Wikimedia Commons

Surat, the Diamond City of India, is an impeccable city for all history enthusiasts. From prestigious temples to ancient historical marvels, the city has it all. Surat will lure you with its medieval charm and as soon as you will start exploring the city, you will be astonished by witnessing the structures which speak volume about the past of this city. Visit the famous temples like Ambika Niketan Temple, ISKCON, Shri Swaminarayan Temple, and Old Ambaji Temple to seek blessings and know about the traditions of Surat.

Distance From Ahmedabad: 265 km
Tourist Attractions: Dutch Garden, Sardar Patel Museum, Sarthana Nature Park, Swaminarayan Temple, Vansda National Park
Best Hotels: Surat Marriott Hotel, Courtyard By Marriott Surat, The Grand Bhagwati, Hotel Sifat International Surat
How to reach: Railways are the most important and preferred mode of transportation with Surat railway station being an important junction in the western railways. There is also an airport in Surat connected with major cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

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6. Junagadh – The Historic Weekend Getaway


Image Credit: Raveesh Vyas for Wikimedia Commons

From the stunning Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden to the ancient Uperkot Fort, there are a lot of marvelous places to visit in Junagadh. Junagadh is one of the best weekend getaways from Ahmedabad by car. Make your weekend all about getting acquainted with the history of Gujarat by heading to Junagadh. If you want to witness the paragon of gothic and Indo Islamic architecture then you must visit the popular Mohabbat Maqbara and those who are interesting in taking a look at Ashoka’s commandments must pay a visit to Ashoka Edicts.

Distance From Ahmedabad: 317 km
Tourist Attractions: Wellington Dam, Darbar Hall Museum, Swami Narayan Mandir, Mohabbat Maqbara, Buddhist Caves
Best Hotels: Bellevue Sarovar Portico, Click Hotel, Hotel Sapphire, King’s Craft
How to reach: Junagadh can be reached easily via railways and roadways. Trains from major cities like Mumbai, Thiruvananthapuram, Jabalpur, Pune and Ahmedabad pass through the station.

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7. Lothal – The Remnants Of Early Civilization


All of us growing up have heard of Lothal in our history classes as it was part of the Indus Valley Civilization. Turns out, it is also one of the finest weekend getaways from Ahmedabad. The archaeological remains of the site are pretty spectacular to watch as it showcases a peek of the lifestyle of early human civilization. It is located in between the Sabarmati river and its tributary Bhogavo in the Saurashtra region.

Distance From Ahmedabad: 78 km
Tourist Attractions: Ganpatpura Temple, Archaeological Site Museum, Mata Boot Bhavani Temple Arnej
Best Hotels: The Palace Utelia, Hotel Darshan, Hotel New Rajmangal
How to reach: Railways, buses, cabs and taxis

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8. Patan – The Saree Center

guy selling shawl

Very few know that Patan is the former capital of Gujarat in the medieval times. The city is mostly famous for the Hindu and Jain temples. The city is also famous for Patola sarees, made from one of the finest hand-made textiles. These are pretty costly sarees considering they take almost 4-6 months to create. 

Distance From Ahmedabad: 130 km
Tourist Attractions: Rani Ki Vav, Sahastraling Lake, Khan Sarovar, Patan City Museum, Gayatri Mandir
Best Hotels: The Grand Raveta, Hotel Tulsi, Marvel Hotel
How to reach: Trains, buses, cabs

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9. Champaner-Pavagadh – An Archeological Site

Take A Plunge Into Cultures

Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park is one of the finest places nearby Ahmedabad. It is a priceless UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the historical city of Champaner. The site is made up of unexcavated archaeological and cultural heritage that will interest history lovers and tourists, alike. The impressive landscape includes prehistoric sites, a hill fortress which are the treasured remains of the 16th-century capital of Gujarat. 

Distance From Ahmedabad: 146 km
Nearby Attractions: Pavagadh Hills, The Jami Masjid, Kevada Masjid, Saat Kaman
Best Hotels: Champaner Hotel, Mount Heritage Resorts, Champaner Heritage Resort
How to reach: Airways, followed by buses and cabs

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10. Bhuj – The City Preserving Heritage

Bhujia Fort

Bhuj is the westernmost city of India and preserves in itself a treasure trove of heritage. Bhuj is popular for its small and meandering streets, city palaces and a lot of temples. The city also has the oldest museum in Gujarat called the Kutch Museum. The villages around it are famous for their traditional handicrafts as well as embroidery.

Distance From Ahmedabad: 330 km
Tourist Attractions: Aaina Mahal Palace, Prag Mahal Palace, Bhujiyo Hill, Hamirsar Lake, Bhujia Fort
Best Hotels: Regenta Resort Bhuj, The Fern Residency, Hotel Shyam Palace
How to reach: Railways, airways, cabs, taxis

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11. Kumbhalgarh – The Fort, Citadel And Wildlife Sanctuary


Kumbhalgarh is a fortress town known particularly for the grand fort situated at the heart of it. It might not top the list of weekend getaways from Ahmedabad but it surely is an eye-candy for history lovers. However, nature lovers might also come to love it because of the fine greenery around the fort. The town attracts domestic tourists as much as visitors from across the globe due to the massive citadel which was built 1443 A.D and the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary.

Distance From Ahmedabad: 314 km
Tourist Attractions: Kumbhalgarh Fort, Badal Mahal, Muchhal Mahavir Temple, Kumbha Palace
Best Hotels: Kumbhalgarh Forest Retreat, Rang Bhawan Inn, Sada Nira Resort
How to reach: Airways, railways, buses, cabs

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12. Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary – Watch The Birds

A flamingo ready to dive at the prey at the Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Nal Sarovar or ‘Tap Lake’ houses several kinds of bird species who are attracted by the lake. These birds in turn attract a lot of tourists who come to the 36 small islands that this sanctuary houses. Therefore, there are lots of greenery and nature to explore. Bird watchers will also love the 200 different species of birds which migrate from Siberia, Oman, UAE etc. 

Distance From Ahmedabad: 63 km
Tourist Attractions: Lothal, ISKCON Temple, Sarkhej Roza, Vechaar Utensils Museum
Best Hotels: Hotel Shine Stay, Hotel The Grand Aryakul
How to reach: Railways followed by buses and cabs

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13. Anand – The Milk Legacy City

Anand might not feature in the top weekend getaways from Ahmedabad but for dairy farmers, it carries a distinctive legacy. Anand Milk Union Limited or AMUL is the brand that has been built here. A tour of the factory is a must when visiting this place apart from visiting all the religious sites and other attractions. 

Distance From Ahmedabad: 75 km
Tourist Attractions: BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Hanumanji Temple, Goya Talav, Gomti Lake
Best Hotels: Hotel Arizona Inn, Viz Park Hotel, The Grand Hotel
How to reach: Railways, buses, cabs

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Whether its the city that is home to architectural marvels or the tranquil hill station of Rajasthan, this list of weekend getaways from Ahmedabad will help you out in making your weekend plans sorted. Make that call to your friends, apply those leaves, plan a trip to Ahmedabad and get ready to have a blast on your weekend. Do let us know in the comment section below how your weekend turned out to be. Travel safe and have a soul-stirring weekend!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Weekend Getaways From Ahmedabad

Is Rajasthan safe for travelers?

Yes, Rajasthan is one of the most visited and the safest state in India for all travelers.

Which are some of the best restaurants in Vadodara?

The best restaurants in Vadodara are The Barbeque Grill, Sasumaa Gujarati Thali, Salsa Habanero, Azure and Peshwari.

Is there any beach near Ahmedabad?

Yes, Suvali Beach in Surat is the nearest beach from Ahmedabad.

Is there any wildlife place to explore near Ahmedabad?

Yes, you can visit Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary and Jambughoda Wildlife Sanctuary which are located near Ahmedabad.

Which are the most romantic weekend getaways from Ahmedabad?

If you are planning your weekend getaway with your beloved then you can visit destinations like Udaipur and Mount Abu.

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