15 Best Beaches In Singapore For A Beach Vacation In 2021

Beach lovers is a huge community – they get high on beach outings for azure water and swishing trees rejuvenate them; sandy beds and sun-tan loungers entice them, and beach parties and beach sports enthrall them. And trust us, if you are a beach lover, the best beaches in Singapore will lure you all year around. Especially during November to early March, when the weather is awesome for swimming, adventure sports, and beach games.

Talking of Singapore’s popular beaches, they can be divided into two broad clusters – one, the beaches of Sentosa Island; and two, the east coast beaches. Both clusters are pristine, but Sentosa is more lively because of its extreme popularity. These Singapore beaches are good for swimming, and fun activities, but if you are looking at some solitary unwinding and chilled out camping fun, beaches at the eastern coast of Singapore are a better pick. Have a quick look at all the beautiful beaches in Singapore if you want to spend some time by the ocean on the island country:

15 Best Beaches In Singapore On Sentosa Island

Here are some of the best beaches in Singapore if you want to laze about by the beach and have a good time under the sun. All of these are some top attractions in Sentosa Island that makes it so appealing for travelers. 

  • Palawan Beach – The Ideal Beach
  • Siloso Beach – A Buzzing Beach
  • Tanjong Beach – The Party Spot
  • Changi Beach – A Tropical Beach
  • Punggol Beach – An Offbeat Beach
  • Kusu Island – The Unexplored Beaches
  • Lazarus Island – Prime Beaches In Singapore
  • Pulau Ubin – Off Treasured Beaches
  • Pasir Ris Beach – The Famous Picnic Spot
  • East Coast Park – A Themed Beach Park
  • Sembawang Park – For Barbeque Nights
  • Coney Island – The Cleanest Of All
  • St John’s Island – The Hidden Beach
  • Sisters Island – The Twin Beach
  • Pulau Hantu Island – The Ghost Islands

1. Palawan Beach – The Ideal Beach

Palawan Beach_22nd oct

Image Source

Palawan Beach, Singapore is located in the center of Sentosa and is aka Sentosa beach. Palawan beach has swaying palm trees, shimmering white sand, expanses of blue green water and lively beach bars. A fun zone, Port of Lost Wonder is themed on pirate world, and is popular among kids and adults alike. The place is complete with a rope bridge, few wooden beam towers, a pirate ship, and numerous treasure boxes. This is the best beach in Singapore for swimming or even just lazy lounging.

Tourist attractions: Pirate-themed water park, Port of the Lost World; and clear water.
Facilities available: Cabana style beach bars, beach shelters, play area, souvenir shops, and restaurants.
Best time to visit: February and March
How to reach: It can be easily reached by any public transport in the city. One can take the Sentosa Express from Vivocity Level 3 and then take the blue line to reach Palawan.

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2. Siloso Beach – A Buzzing Beach

Siloso Beach_24th oct

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Siloso Beach is one of the most popular public beaches in Singapore. Always buzzing with activities, there is never a dull moment at Siloso beach Singapore. You can find people partying, dancing, canoeing, playing volleyball and horse riding around the beach. The amazing eateries and beach shacks make Siloso one of the top beaches in Singapore.

Tourist attractions: Beach sports such as beach volley, banana ride, beach riding among others, and laid back eateries serving a wide range of snacks and beverages.
Facilities available: Beachfront hotel, Beach tram, pavilions, restaurants, little shops, and walkways.
Best time to visit: November to January, May to August
How to reach: One can easily reach the Beach by bus number 123, MRT with the nearest station being the Harbour Front, or just by taking a cab.

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3. Tanjong Beach – The Party Spot

Night party at Tanjong Beach Party Club at Tanjong Beach which is the ultimate destination for Singaporean beach parties

Image Source

A man-made wonder, Tanjong is rated among Singapore’s best beaches. It is hidden in the south coast of Sentosa and blessed with a beautiful crescent-shaped beachline, shallow warm water, tropical palm trees, and glittering white sand. It is the ultimate party destination, where Tanjong Beach Club organizes night beach parties every fortnight. Just walking distance from Palawan Beach, it has vibes that push you to let go and relax. This is one of the most famous beaches in Singapore

Tourist attractions: Happening beach parties organized by the Tanjong Beach Club.
Facilities available: Beach side swimming pool, cabanas, loungers, shelters, rental bikes, and deck chairs.
Best time to visit: October to February
How to reach: This beach can be reached by taking the Sentosa Express. One can also take the tram that runs between Palawan and Tanjong Beach.

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Beaches Of Singapore On The East Coast

If you are residing on the east coast side in Singapore, here are the following beaches where you can spend your time at leisure.

4. Changi Beach – A Tropical Beach

The stunning Changi beach is one of the tropical beaches in Singapore

Image Source

Located on the east coast, Changi Beach is one of the best tropical beaches in Singapore. More popular with families, fitness freaks, and leisure lovers, people flock here to either lounge around on the beach or jog on the mystic trails of Changi Beach Park. It is one of the best beaches in Singapore for swim. The highlight of this Singaporean beach, however, is plane spotting. People come from all over the country to watch low flying planes, preparing to land at Changi Airport. 

Tourist attractions: Plane spotting and walking trails of Changi Beach Park.
Facilities available: Camping, park benches, beach barbeques, paved walking trail, barbecue pits, children’s playground, shelters, and cycling trails.
Best time to visit: January to March
How to reach: Bus numbers 9, 19, and 89 run to and from Changi Beach. It is the best way to reach this spot.

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5. Punggol Beach – An Offbeat Beach

Punggol beach is one of the most unexplored beaches in Singapore

Image Source

Most unexplored of the Singapore beaches and one of themost popular Sentosa Island attractions, Punggol Beach is hidden in the equally unexplored Punggol Point and is one of the best beaches in Singapore. But its beauty ensures that it is always included in the list of Singapore beaches. Though well-connected to the main city by MRT shuttle and bus, the beach is not frequented by many. The prime beauty and calmness of the place proves to be a haven for couples and peace seekers. The fine sand expanse is perturbed by the huge boulders of rocks making it a blissful sight at dawn and dusk. There are also numerous islands near Punggol which makes it even more fun-filled!

Tourist attractions: Untouched beauty complete with heavenly peace.
Facilities available: Jetty station, walking trails, an eatery and proper signboards.
Best time to visit: March
How to reach: One should make use of MRT to reach here. Deboard at Punggol Station and board a bus number 84.

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6. Kusu Island – The Unexplored Beaches

Kusu-Island_19th oct

Image Source

Kusu Island, off the coast of Singapore, is among the quiet beaches tour in Singapore. The island houses a sanctuary which is home to hundreds of turtles. However, the USP of the island is its pristine beaches. Natural beauty surrounds every core of these beaches in the form of lush green trees, colorful sky, clear waters, and whitest of sand. It is one of the Singapore best beaches that has plenty to offer.

Tourist attractions: Turtle Sanctuary, causeway between two island pieces, Museums in Kusu Island.
Facilities available: Turtle sanctuary, cabanas, beach shelters, paved paths, and a few eateries.
Best time to visit: September to November
How to reach: The best and only way to reach here is to take a ferry. One can take a ferry from South Marina Pier which is situated next to the Marina South Pier MRT Station.

Note: Camping is not allowed on the Kusu island beach to ensure the safety and well-being of turtles.

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7. Lazarus Island – Prime Beaches In Singapore

The picturesque beauty of Lazarus Island which houses many unexplored beaches in Singapore

Image Source

There are many nice beaches in Singapore, but the beaches on Lazarus Island have some special vibes and are some of the best beaches in Singapore. Lazarus Island is the country’s best-kept secret. The rustic atmosphere and tropical feel of the place is refreshing after the city noise. Infact the complete feel of Lazarus beach—turquoise water, white sand, and cheerful atmosphere—can give the best of honeymoon destinations of Asia a run for their money. The tropical jungle lining the beach makes for a good escape.

Tourist attractions: Tropical feel, tranquil atmosphere, and turquoise water.
Facilities available: Beach pavilions, footpath, and good eateries serving the best of exotic seafood and other delicacies of Singaporean cuisine.
Best time to visit: November to January
How to reach: One can reach the island by taking a ferry from South Marina Pier.

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8. Pulau Ubin – Off Treasured Beaches

Chek Jawa in Pulau Ubin which has many decorated beaches in Singapore

Image Source

Among all the other beaches to visit in Singapore, the island of Pulau Ubin offers nirvana in the bustling world of the country. Offering the pleasures of simple village life, Pulau Ubin welcomes people who look for peace and tranquility. The famous Chek Jawa wetland beaches, secluded beaches, lush plantations, island’s architecture – all seem to hold the interest of tourists. However, the taste of authentic local delicacies prepared from fresh fish and octopi steal the show.

Tourist attractions: Village-like atmosphere, simple living and sedating peace.
Facilities available: Rental bikes, walkways, souvenir shops, local stays, restaurants and local eateries, cycle paths, and Jawa Visitor Centre with viewing jetty.
Best time to visit: March to June
How to reach: After reaching Changi Point Ferry Terminal, travelers should hire a bumboat that takes around 15 minutes to cover the distance.

Note: Beach camping is a fun activity, which people partake in some parts of the island.

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9. Pasir Ris Beach – The Famous Picnic Spot

paris ris beach

Image Source

Among the largest and the best beaches in Singapore, Pasir Ris Beach is a wonderland for kids and adults alike which makes it an amazing and nice beach in Singapore. The 6.6 km long beach is lined up with lush mangrove forests where you can have your share of adventure. Enjoy having a picnic by the beach under the sun and surrounded by the cool ocean breeze. The views of the ocean from this beach are also breathtaking. This is among the most popular beaches to visit in Singapore

Tourist attractions: Picnics and nature walks, park
Facilities available: There is a cycling track, park, and a playground area which also features play-station
Best time to visit: February
How to reach: One can take a bus to reach the Pasir Ris Road Entrance. Bus number 403 is the best to reach here. From there, the traveler should walk to the mangrove Boardwalk.

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10. East Coast Park – A Themed Beach Park

East Coast Park Beach Area

Image Source

Established in the 1970s, East Coast Park is a beach-park with urban settings in Singapore. The park has some of the good beaches in Singapore. The park is based on the theme ‘Recreation for All’ and features everything that is needed for the recreation of people of all ages. Spread along 15 km of coastline the East Coast Park’s objective is to create a city within a park. Here, you can jog, ride a cycle ride or indulge in water sports including Cable Skiing and skating.

Tourist attractions: A variety of water and land sports activities and Xtreme Skate Park
Facilities available: public restrooms with shower, resto-bars, cafés Bistros
Best time to visit: August to October
How to reach: It is easily reachable from the East Coast Park Service Road or bus number 401.

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11. Sembawang Park – For Barbeque Nights

Family on a beach

Image Source

Looking for a quiet beaches in Singapore? Sembawang Park is located on the seaside overlooking the Strait of Johor. You can spend reviving hours at this peaceful beach as it is amongst the most popular natural beaches in Singapore. Enjoy your day here by relaxing under the warm sun and enjoying the cool breeze while glancing others indulged in water sports! This is one of the best beaches in Singapore. While here you could also visit some popular restaurants near Sembawang, Singapore for authentic Singaporean cuisines. 

Tourist attractions: Beach walks, water sports, nearby historical landmarks
Facilities available: Barbeque, water sports, cafes, and resorts
Best time to visit: April
How to reach: One can reach the Park by taking the bus number 882 and de board at Sembawang Road End Terminal.

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12. Coney Island – The Cleanest Of All

Cooney Island Park

Coney Island will surely excite you with its mesmerizing beauty. The place is frequently visited by couples looking for a romantic escape amidst serene ambiance. Panoramic sights and rusty trails of Coney Island will surely make you fall in love with this gorgeous beach in Singapore! This is the one among the cleanest beach in Singapore! All the restaurants near Coney Island is truly an add on. 

Tourist attractions: Beautiful sights, photography, vibrant flora and fauna
Facilities available: Water sports, playground, spotting wild creatures, cycling
Best time to visit: May to September
How to reach: The best way to reach here is by taking the bus number 84 to Punggol Point Park. From there walk for around 500 meters east.

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13. St John’s Island – The Hidden Beach

St John’s Island

Image Source

Known as the best location for that perfect beach holiday in Singapore, St John’s Island has its floors being covered by abundant marvels of mother nature. This Island is famed for friendly cats that can be seen roaming around freely. The best thing about this Island are the hidden gems in the form of passages and caves. Appealing to thrill seekers, St John’s Island has its floors covered in thick mangroves that are perfect for short hikes. For best experience of this beautiful beach, make sure you visit Singapore in December

Tourist attractions: Tropical Marine Science Institute, caves, resident cats
Facilities available:
Hidden passageways, natural beauty, dolphins
Best time to visit: December to March
How to reach: One of the best ways is to take a ferry from Marina South Pier. One can buy the ticket from the Singapore Island Cruise booth for the same.

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14. Sisters Island – The Twin Beach

Sisters Island

Image Source

This island is mainly a group of two Singapore islands named Big Sister’s Island aka Pulau Subar Laut and the Little sister’s Island aka Pulau Subar Darat and is one of Singapore best beaches. These Sister Islands are separated by a water channel and have numerous mystical stories latched to them. These tales are exactly what makes the tourists get attracted to the Island. Rich marine life, exotic species of flora, and the magnificent corals makes the whole experience more joyful. Make sure you have your permits before heading this way.

Tourist attractions: Marine Park, underwater life
Facilities available:
Colorful starfish, swimming, snorkelling, camping
Best time to visit: February to April
How to reach: Taking a ferry from Marina South Pier is the best and the only way to reach the Sisters Island.

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15. Pulau Hantu Island- The Ghost Islands

Image Source

If you are wondering if are there beaches in Singapore where you can go camping,  you would be pleased to know about the Pulau Hantu Island. Hidden away in the urban settings, the Pulau Hantu Island is a picturesque island located in the southern region of Singapore. Bustling with rich biodiversity, lush greenery, sheltered beaches, lagoons, and the blue waters, its, the only place where you can enjoy a number of fun activities such as snorkeling, fishing, camping, and scuba diving in Singapore. Made of two ghost islets Pulau Hantu Besar  (Big Ghost Island) and Pulau Hantu Kechil (Little Ghost Island), the Pulau Hantu is is one of the most popular Singapore beaches to enjoy nature walks.

Tourist attractions: water sports, underwater life
Facilities available: Fishing, nature walks, swimming, snorkeling, camping
Best time to visit: All year round
How to reach: Taking a ferry from the West Coast pier is the best way to reach Pulau Hantu Island. You can also take a bus, taxi, or a metro rail to cut down your travel time. 

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Singapore has a plathora of gorgeous beaches. Captivated by the variety and beauty of the Singapore beaches? Plan a trip to Singapore now and explore the above-mentioned best beaches in Singapore! Just shove your sunscreen, sunglasses, beachwear, and a hat and head out to the Lion City.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beaches In Singapore

Q. Can you swim at Changi Beach?

A. Yes, you can swim at Changi Beach. Not just swimming, there are a lot more activities that you can enjoy on the beach like having a picnic, barbeque, or jogging. You can even hire a bike and enjoy cycling. There are park benches and shelters where you can sit and gaze at the ocean for hours. Enjoy seafront dining at the bistro by the beach. However, the water at Changi Beach might be a little dirty. East coast beaches are cleaner and better for swimming.

Q. Does Singapore have good beaches?

A. Yes, some of the beaches in Singapore are popular owing to the views and activities they offer to the visitors. There are east coast beaches and there beaches on Sentosa Island. If you want quietness and solitude, then visit the east coast beaches, otherwiseSentosa beaches are perfect for a hip and happening day.

Q. How long is Changi Beach?

A. Changi Beach is 3.3 km long and stretches between Changi Point and Changi Ferry Road. It is one of the most famous beaches in Singapore and attracts a lot of tourists.

Q. How do I reach Changi Beach?

A. You can take a bus to Changi Beach. Bus services 2, 29, 59 and 109 will take you to Changi Village. From the bus stop, the beach is just a 5-minute walk on the pedestrian footbridge to the park.

Q. Where can I sunbathe in Singapore?

A. You will find multiple spots in Singapore where you can enjoy the sun. Bukit Timah Reserve and Tanjong Beach Club are where you can lay down in the sun after you apply suntan lotion.

Q. Are there any beaches in Singapore that are good for swimming?

A. The Sentosa Island in Singapore has some of the top beaches that are suitable for swimming. Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach in Sentosa are popular among the swimmers.

Q. Is Sentosa a man made island?

A. Sentosa Island in Singapore has man-made beaches and a 380-meter long man-made causeway that connects the island with the mainland Singapore.

Q. How do you get to Sentosa?

A. Sentosa can be reached from the Singapore mainland through a short causeway or Cable Car, which starts from Mount Faber and passes through HarbourFront en route to its final destination at Imbiah Lookout. The island is also accessible by the Sentosa Express monorail. There are three stations on Sentosa and one on mainland Singapore. Visitors can also access the island via the Sentosa Boardwalk which is parallel to the causeway.

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