19 Reasons Why I Would Rather Be From Sri Lanka

“Old Ceylon” is lovely, chilled out and surreal beyond explanation. One small patch of land, nicknamed as the ‘teardrop of India’ perhaps has the sweetest people on earth and its landscapes diversified from hilly terrains to sandy beaches.

Why would we prefer living anywhere else when we are blessed to be from Sri Lanka?

So, here are 10 reasons why we Sri Lankans love belonging here.

1. Even after being dwindled by the civil wars and tsunami in the recent decades, Sri Lanka has stood its ground and is today, one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

Sri Lanka Monks

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2. And the road to recovery seems quite promising

Sri Lankan streets

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3. The country has some of the most amazing beaches

Sri Lankan Beach

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4. And the hills are no less in enchanting you with their beauty


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5. There’s no dearth of beauty as far as your eyes can see


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6. Sri Lankan young croup is superbly enthusiastic and cool


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7. And equally spiritually inclined

Temple of tooth relic Sri Lanka

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8. When we’re blue we just climb up the Sigiriya rock and feel transcendent.


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9. Also, our Ceylon Lions never fail to make us proud!


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10. The fact that we have an orphanage for Elephants

Elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka

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11. And a turtle conservation project, proves our passion towards wildlife

Turtle Conservation Sri Lanka

12. We know how to have fun in water

Surfing in Sri Lanka

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13. And underwater

Scuba Diving in Sri Lanka_23rd oct

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14. Because for a day you can live the life of a prince and a princess while getting married in traditional Sinhalese way


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15. In spite of being a developing nation, Sri Lankan traffic is so much more sane and less noisier than our neighbouring nations

Traffic in Sri Lanka

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16. Because… Ceylon Arrack!

Ceylon Arrack

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17. And most importantly for the love of food you’d never want to leave old Ceylon

string hoppers

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18. Because where else on earth do people fish sitting on a stick?

Stilt Fishing in Sri Lanka

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19. Serendipity, the term that implies the happiness when you discover something unsought for, is derived from the Persian name of Sri Lanka, “Serendib”, which means “island of gems”.


And its serendipity indeed for so many…

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