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We all know that climate emergency is real. Covid-19 precautionary measures are going to be around for a while now and healthier options to stay energised for better immunity will be a priority in the coming months too. Amidst these myriad thoughts and global concerns, how does one create unforgettable joyful moments?

One sure thing that the pandemic has taught us all (be it any nationality or economic group) is that ecological balance is a primary goal for humans to co-exist in this environment. Destroying natural habitats of other living creatures will eventually erode the human habitat too. In a very interesting manner, tourism and travel agencies have adapted seamlessly to protect this fragile balance and have re-designed their approach for the larger good.


Awe-walking is the latest trendsetting term doing the rounds on the internet. Sure, we all know that walking in the outdoors can elevate our mood instantly. The feel-good effect stays for much longer though. It is all about finding the element of ‘Awe’ in smaller details. With a slightly conscious shift in one’s outlook, the chances of awe-inspired walks can be truly magical in its healing and soothing effects.

A hiking trail would be perfect any day. You would be lucky if you live close to the outskirts of an urban city. However, if you are stuck right amidst the urban concrete skyscraper kind of settings, then fret not, there is still a ray of hope ahead for you. Here’s how you can adapt to an awe-walking session with high success:

1. Choose a relaxed time of the day when you have no botheration about daily chores and are relatively free to don your sport shoes and track pants. Feel great about the fact that it is time to set foot outside.

2. Remove distractions of your smartphone calls. Stay attentive to natural sounds around you. Feel the power of being on the move, look around and feel the crisp breeze.

3. Gradually, the tall trees around you will mount in your line of vision. Shift your sense of awareness about the openness and watch the birds take flight. It’s a new day and the sense of being alive in that day should be celebrated with delight and joy.

4. Breathing consciously with deep inhalation and exhalation with a strong sense of smells and sights around you can soothe your senses. Try it and you will find clarity in your thoughts. Relax and move ahead.

5. The next time you step out, try planning the outing with your friends and bond together in being one with nature. Wonder at the small natural details around.Take a look at the new flowering bud in the row of potted plants and appreciate it together with others.

Clear skies with stars twinkling, open path with trees all around, pavement walk leading to a garden,walking by the ocean, lake or river and perhaps watching the sunrise or sunset – this is an outstanding setting for ‘awe-walking’.


Find your guru or just tune in to the best classes online, yoga is an ideal method of attaining overall wellbeing. Select what works best for you – Kundalini Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Aerial Yoga or yoga as part of circuit training.

Yoga Tourism is actually a bigticket term. It is not just popular in the retreats of India but globally too. Certified organic farms that grow local produce, river-side ashrams, animal sanctuaries have been offering yoga sessions over long weekend breaks, seasonal options and festival time holidays. Good news is that if you cannot reach the venue due to travel restrictions at the moment temporarily, then the online route is always open for you.

Yoga Tourism with a mix of natural healing practises is widely popular with tourists. Destinations like Rishikesh, Mulshi (near Pune), outskirts of Delhi, Himalayan retreats, Karjat, Panchgani in Maharashtra, Southern Indian hotspots where natural scenic settings are idyllic and Ayurveda is an added bonus are popular with fitness enthusiasts who believe in holistic healing.

Learning yoga professionally with a certification is also a brilliant way to adopt a serious approach to your learnings. Take classes from a well-known or certified yoga instructor by enrolling at an ashram or at luxury resorts for a change of place.


Looking forward to boosting your creativity and productivity whilst also seeking a change of scenery? The solution of ‘Workation’ is apt for you. Work + Vacation = Workation. The idea of workation is similar to an off-site meeting that the employer organises for its employees. The energising effects that result in greater bonding and thereby, higher productivity is a well-known fact. The only difference now being, the employer and employee are both the same person. It is you yourself, who will initiate this invitational outing.Working on your job with renewed energy levels and also enjoying holiday-like surroundings in an innovative way is a possibility today.

Benefits of a Workation are many and also very tempting. If you can pre-plan and book an apartment for longer lease, the cost factor comes down. Selecting a premise with natural settings can harmonise your zeal to work. Good news being, the moment work phase is paused, play time begins instantly. A beach resort or hilly cottage, coffee estate bungalow and farm stay are great choices. Ensure high internet connectivity and all your work concerns will be taken care of.

Food choices during workation can be tuned to the local produce from the markets nearby at the new place of stay. Do some homework before you select your final choice of getaway. Word of mouth from other travellers can be of great help. During you workation, plan your meals well. Let your body detox if that is what you aspire for. Bring in a routine of daily exercising or walks in the manner that you would enjoy. Let your family and friends join in the fun and you can bond over good music and cook-off sessions too.

Working remotely does not need to be done in complete isolation or boring set-ups. This mental block can be changed by simply taking a cue from others who have been able to do so. Pick on their tips, personalise the details around your requirements of budget and happily plan ahead.

Sometimes, a change of place is all you need to begin a new project and innovate with a twist. By adhering to safe precautionary measures, you can support local communities and help in boosting domestic tourism. Ready?

From Jodhpur To San Juan, Here Are Top 10 Travel Destinations You Ought To Visit In 2020

Satiate The Wanderlust In You

All the travel junkies out there, if there is one listicle you must focus on, it’s this one. With 2019 travel goals (hopefully) met, it’s time to start planning for the 2020 holidays. has delved into global booking trends to reveal 10 of the top emerging travel destinations for 2020.

Jodhpur from India has found its spot among the top 10 list, alongside some lesser known spots in Eastern Europe to under-the-radar spots in Asia. Commenting on the study, Ritu Mehrotra, Country Manager, India, Sri Lanka and Maldives for said, “As we proceed towards a new decade, we will see travel becoming more and more sustainable and technologically-advanced, further aided by enhanced services and offerings that enable the modern day inquisitive traveller to experience the world.

81% of Indian travellers say that in 2020 they want to go somewhere that offers experiences they’ve never had before. From catering to their peaked interest in lesser known destinations to counter over-tourism, to customised travel recommendations, we want to ensure that the travellers have the most diverse selection of places to stay at as we help them prepare and plan their travel in 2020 and beyond.”

Here’s where you should be headed to satiate the wanderbug in you.

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