Bed & breakfast: Ring in 2021 with a quick getaway! Here are

Destinations that are easy to drive to or take a short-haul flight to are trending. Families, small personal groups and couples are making reservations at Bed & Breakfast apartments, boutique Hotels and Resorts, Beachside properties and short-stay luxury homestay or villas. Here’s where you can head to, as the best bets are:

Destinations to visit this NYE.Agencies

Destinations to visit this NYE.

Relaxury, Breakaway Bubbles & Other Travel Trends Of 2021

Travel Goals

You know how we would just decide to pack our bags and head out of town for the weekend without thinking twice? Ah the good old days. Well, 2020, we’ve learned our lesson and we’re willing to change. 63% Indians pledge to not take travel for granted in the future.

Looking ahead at 2021, the impact of the pandemic is changing not just our choice of destination but also the type of trips we’re most likely to take in the coming year. New research from shows the five emerging trip types for 2021 to motivate and inspire travellers to take a trip (or five) to best fit their newfound travel preference.

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