Bedsonline Upgrades Market Intelligence Platform, Admin Fee

Bedsonline, a global provider of online accommodation and ancillary products exclusively for travel advisors, has launched the latest upgraded version of The Compass, its market intelligence platform.

The Compass harnesses Bedsonline’s real-time data to provide travel advisors with the latest trends and up-to-date insights to help them promote the right destinations at the right time to their clients. Through its powerful search engine, advisors can identify market-specific booking patterns and use the filters to set their preferences when they select a destination. Once the selection is made, they can create their own personalized and branded marketing materials directly from the tool and easily share it with their customers.

This latest upgrade, which is available in all Bedsonline markets, comes with a refreshed design and new functionality including:

  • Automatic translation with information related to each destination now displayed in the client’s default language.
  • More data, including information on hotels and destinations not currently booked.
  • The inclusion of destination and hotels proof points—meaning that from now on, travel advisors will be able to see, in real time, data related to the destination and hotels based on what they buy and how much they buy, so that the information is fully tailored to each and every Bedsonline client.

In other recent Bedsonline news, it also announced a new addition to its self-service toolkit for clients in North America, which in intended to significantly improve their workflow and booking experience. The “Admin Fee” tool gives travel advisors the ability to automatically add fees for the services they provide to travelers quickly and easily, improving the efficiency of their workflow, while also helping them to increase revenues.

With the booking in the shopping cart, travel advisors will have total flexibility to be able to add an admin fee themselves before finalizing the booking, or alternatively to save it and add it at a later stage.


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