Explore Serene Beauty In 2021

Uttarakhand boasts of host of scenic places, which are ideal destinations to find respite from scorching summer heat and hustles and bustles of the city. Other than the popular touristy places, there are some offbeat places in Uttarakhand; though not much known to many but promise stunning views and serenity. Featuring snow covered mountains, serene … Read more

10 Best Lakes In Odisha To Visit In 2021

Odisha is a tourist’s paradise. With gorgeous temples, museums and monasteries, the state of Odisha has a bounty of scenic wonders as well. Along with sun-kissed beaches, forests and lush green hills, Odisha is famous for its stunning lakes which are perfect places for day excursions and picnics. The lakes in Odisha are both natural … Read more

Most instagrammable locations in Dubrovnik region

From photo-friendly landmarks and Game of Thrones scenery to stunning works of nature, there is no wonder that Dubrovnik is one of the most popular places in Europe. With fewer people travelling during the (post) pandemic times, you can make beautiful (Instagram) images with no filters needed. Only breath-taking scenery! Lord Byron once described Dubrovnik … Read more