Diwali long weekend alert ahoy!

Local travel has risen to the forefront as it remains an easier, safer, and often more sustainable travel option as a result of the pandemic. Staying closer to home continues to retain its importance on the travel agenda as research reveals that more than half (59 per cent) of Indian travelers are planning to travel within their own country, with 43 per cent want to visit places of interest they normally overlook and 50 per cent look to take the time to appreciate the natural beauty of India. Here are some tips on how to be a tourist, as travelers demonstrate enthusiasm to explore and experience incredible India with a fresh outlook.

Boutique stays continue to trend with Indians, as 74 per cent of travelers plan to stay in a unique accommodation for their next trip. Alternative accommodation listings (homes, holiday homes, villas, beach homes, boathouses, etc.) have seen growth in demand last year in the pandemic. While travelling domestically, you can experience the destination uniquely by booking alternative accommodations (for example tree houses) that will complement the destination and enhance the experience it has to offer.


Kandariya Mahadeva Temple Khajuraho Madhya Pradesh

Escapism has always been crucial for travelers. Close to half (47 per cent) of Indian travelers are seeking simple, relaxing trips to get away from it all. If you are looking to get pampered for the day or stay for a wellness weekend and experience pure bliss on your next trip, you should head to beaches and hills. Some wellness retreats offer couple discounts and you can pre-book yourself for relaxing Ayurvedic massages to your to-do list to de-stress your mind and body. Himalayan wellness centres are now open and are a big hit with luxury seekers. Add a small trek to your itinerary and watch the sunrise on a clear day. This Diwali, everything will be perfect. Just plan beforehand.


Check out Coorg or Mysore, which is a drive-away from Bengaluru.The unbelievably amazing homestays amidst coffee estates are a welcome break. If you have pets, then a road trip with them could be heavenly for the entire team. Diwali is a tough time for pets due to heightened noise levels. So, plan your escape to the near getaway. In Andhra Pradesh, the coffee growing hilly destination of Araku Valley is a sweet spot of touristy delights. You will find unexplored cove of biodiversity, full of captivating flora and fauna. Padmapuram Gardens, located 2.5 km from Araku Valley is 26 acres of natural beauty that dates back to World War II. The rose gardens and jackfruit trees in this place are among the most visited spots. The entire garden can be explored in a special train operated by the place. And if you wish to spend a night among all the plants, you can book a stay in the hanging cottages in this botanical garden.

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