DU Digital Global: Leading Indians to global passports

DU Digital Global, a multi-million dollar Indian entity with over 27 offices across the world, founded by veteran entrepreneur Rajji Rai, has processed millions of applications for its client governments and today stands on the cusp of a national IPO.

Its vertical Migrate World India (www.migrateworld.com) specializes in facilitating the process for individuals and families of gaining residency or a second citizenship and passport in different countries in as little as 3 to 6 months through a government set investment.

With over 17 years of experience in individualizing every client case, they help clients become citizens of the world legally, proficiently and professionally. The enquiries for Citizenship By Investment or Golden Visa have more than doubled during the pandemic and an increasing number of Indians are now looking for attractive alternate residency or citizenship in foreign countries. Economic uncertainties have compelled wealthy individuals to re-evaluate their investment strategy and consider diverse locations.

In addition to long-standing favorites like the US, UK and Canada, Indians are also exploring locations such as Portugal, Greece, Malta, Cyprus and other European countries. Major cities such as London and Dubai are also seeing a rise in investments from India. “Ever since the pandemic hit, we’ve witnessed a 40% increase in our enquiries from Indian citizens,” says Shivaz Rai, MD of Migrate World India.

Foreign citizenship also provides the benefits of having a stronger passport to avail visa-free travel to other countries. Currently, the Indian Passport ranks 84th in the Global Passport Index and allows visa-free or visa on arrival access to only 58 countries.

“As a Citizen By Investment partner, we take care of all end to end requirements for our clients. We work with local authorized property brokers and within the law of various countries to offer complete assistance in all legal services. The extra efforts that we put in mean fewer delays in concluding the process,” adds Shalini Lambah, CEO of Migrate World India, on offering a seamless experience to the hundreds of individuals who rely on Migrate World India’s expertise.

When questioned as to what the biggest challenge while operating in the Indian market has been so far, lack of knowledge stands out. “Almost every Indian who comes to us for a second residency or passport is familiar with Canada or the United States. However, few are aware of the immense benefits that passports from countries like St. Kitts which offers visafree access to over 150 countries or Bulgaria that provides the ability to live,work and study anywhere in the EU offer,” says Lambah.

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