ETPanache Travel Editor’s Note: In pursuit of happiness!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – These lines are more than just a jingle. These words bring along an instant gush of joy and cheer.

We suggest you enjoy an intimate Christmas get-together and raise a toast to some amazing times ahead.

It is just a matter of time till we will all chalk out our travel bucket-list of adventures to conquer. We shall all soon travel freely and meet our near and dear ones in India and abroad with much more enthusiasm.

So, let not the news of certain safety norms dampen your festive spirit, instead, we must support the statutory move for the larger good.

In Mumbai, night curfew is being followed from 11pm to 6am till Jan 5, 2021 to ensure precautionary measures are observed and safety norms are adhered to. Leading cities of India are exercising great caution to safeguard citizens’ lives. In just a few weeks ahead, Covid-19 vaccination information will be the best news to tune into.

In the truest sense, let the festive season be your guiding light into the New Year. The Year 2021 will shine bright with new energy and we shall all be optimistic and enthusiastic travellers all over again.

– Nimisha Tiwari

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