India Winter: Srinagar’s snowfall or boat ride in Delhi:

Here’a a look at all the happy and fun glimpses of winter season from across Indian states:


A happy girl poses for a picture in front of the Taj Mahal on a cold winter day, in Agra in January 2022

Pic: REUTERS/Anushree FadnavisReuters

Pic: REUTERS/Anushree Fadnavis

A couple boards a boat for their pre-wedding shoot on the banks of the Yamuna river on a foggy winter morning in the old quarters of Delhi

Pic: Bilal Bahadur/BCCL

Children warm themselves near the firepot (Kangri) during Chillai Kalan harsh period of winter in Kashmir

Pic: PTI Photo/Kunal PatilPTI

Pic: PTI Photo/Kunal Patil

A man skips a rope in the backdrop of city skyline shrouded in fog during the winter season in Mumbai during sudden drop in temperatures in January 2022

Pic: Manjunath Kiran / AFPAFP

Pic: Manjunath Kiran / AFP

A farmer cuts grass for feeding livestock at a field on the outskirts of Bangalore in January 2022


A couple enjoying fresh snowfall during a 40-day long period of harsh winter called ‘Chillai Kalan’, in Srinagar on Saturday


A group of Pelicans swimming on the Anasagar Lake on a cold winter morning, in Ajmer on Thursday

Pic: PTI Photo/Ravi ChoudharyPTI

Pic: PTI Photo/Ravi Choudhary

New Delhi: Special Forces commandos march during the rehearsal for the upcoming Republic Day parade, on a cold winter morning in New Delhi. (Pic taken on Jan 17, 2022)


Devotees at Har Ki Pauri Ghat on a cold winter morning, in Haridwar

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