Maha Navy Connect: A force to reckon!

As a profound gesture of appreciation and goodwill for the Indian Navy, the BSE IPF is proud to associate with Maha Navy Connect.

Earnest efforts to create awareness about the rich maritime history by Maha Navy Connect has increased value-driven information in the State of Maharashtra and also the entire country of India.

Sharing a common goal of bringing about awareness , the BSE is said to be one of the fastest exchanges in India and is also considered of high repute globally. Speaking about the association, Khushro Bulsara, Head of BSE Investor Protection Fund added, “BSE IPF regularly spreads investor awareness throughout India, so our association with Maha Navy Connect is highly apt and similar in nature.”

In the same vein, robust appreciation has come through for the relentless work done by team members of Maha Navy Connect from Harvinder Pal Timmy Mehta, S Satinder Pal Singh Ahuja, Co-Producers of Gurunaam, Krishna N Pimple (Hon Counsel Tanzania for South India), N Chandra Renowned Film Director and Shrikant Bapat

Inspire and aspire!

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