New Year In Germany Will Give You Massive Travel Goals

There are many reasons to visit Germany, but none quite so unique, entertaining, and adventurous like traveling to the country during the new year celebrations. Like how its back home, new year in Germany also has own exciting aura around it, and a list places to go and things to do that are eagerly waited on by all its people.

Must-Have Experiences During New Year In Germany

Wherever you live around the world, the turn of the year is always a special occasion. A moment that turns into a reason to celebrate for all the people with a whole set of traditions and customs. Often many travelers find themselves in Europe during the final week of the year and wondering where to go for new year’s eve in Germany to enjoy celebrations, parties, and rituals. Here we have compiled a list of all the German new year traditions, places to be, and things to try!

1. Street Party At Brandenburg Gate In Berlin
2. Enjoy A Glass Of Sekt At Midnight
3. Watch The Cult Classic “Dinner For One” On Tv
4. Watch The Fireworks Show In Frankfurt
5. Be A Part Of The Cologne Cathedral Celebrations
6. Devour Some Berliners

1. Street Party At Brandenburg Gate In Berlin

Street Party At Brandenburg Gate In Berlin

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No new year celebration is complete without a grand party, and the Germans certainly know a thing or two about how to throw a grand fiesta for the entire town. The city of Berlin throws a grand party every new year’s eve at Brandenburg Gate. The festivities begin at 2 in the afternoon and go well into the new year till 4 am.

The best part about the celebrations is that the entry to the fiesta is free, and visitors can also enjoy a fireworks show after midnight, musical performances during the evening, and a wide range of entertainment street shows that enhance the jubilant atmosphere.

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2. Enjoy A Glass Of Sekt At Midnight

Enjoy A Glass Of Sekt At Midnight

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In many cultures around the world, a cause for celebration is marked by special food and drinks for that occasion. The locals welcome the new year in Germany by clinking a glass of “sekt” or German white wine with their loved ones. When the clock strikes midnight, the german people toast to the year gone by and say the words “Prosit Neujahr”, which means – may the new year succeed.

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3. Watch The Cult Classic “Dinner For One” On Tv

Watch The Cult Classic “Dinner For One” On Tv

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Some traditions across the world start off as a gimmick, or a completely subconscious habit that later turns itself into having cultural value. One such tradition on new year in Germany is the watching of the comedy sketch called “Dinner for One”. This comedy piece aired first across homes in Germany in 1963, and since then it penetrated into the minds and hearts of the German people as a tradition, that they to this day, proudly uphold and cherish.

Although the 18-minute comedy show is entirely in English, its humor is basic and easy to understand for German minds. So don’t be surprised if you see many Germans tuning into a black-and-white comedy program from an era long before us. Rather, we suggest you to watch the sketch and immerse yourself in the tradition.

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4. Watch The Fireworks Show In Frankfurt

Watch The Fireworks Show In Frankfurt

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Frankfurt has made a niche for itself in Germany for an incredible fireworks show on new year’s eve. A bustling city like Frankfurt comes alive every year on December 31 for a new year celebration in Germany that is the envy of all other cities. As the clock approaches midnight, thousands of citizens gather up around the banks of the River Main to watch the spectacle unfurl.

Not only can travelers view the fireworks show from the river, but also attain a good vantage point at famous monuments like the Old Opera House, and Romerberg Marketplace. The celebrations in Frankfurt add a dash of romance, warmth, and fervour to the otherwise sub freezing temperatures.

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5. Be A Part Of The Cologne Cathedral Celebrations

Be A Part Of The Cologne Cathedral Celebrations

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Probably one of the coldest cities in Germany on new year’s eve, Cologne and its people are masters in braving the near-tormenting weather to welcome the new year with joy and aplomb. Every year thousands of people gather in and around the visible radius of the massive Cologne Cathedral to sing, dance, party, and watch the fireworks fill up the sky with the Cathedral in its background.

Restaurants all around the city center offer outdoor seating and also create a party atmosphere for visitors so that they feel comfortable in celebrating this massive occasion.

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6. Devour Some Berliners

Devour Some Berliners

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Not to confused with eating actual people from Berlin, this ritual carried out on new year in Germany is as German as any tradition can get. Eating sweets is a worldwide accepted norm at the time of celebrations and big occasions. For Germany’s own consumption of sugary delights, they like to indulge themselves in Berliners. They are soft, mushy, savory, and delightfully sweet pastries stuffed with mouth-watering fillings like jam, chocolate, peanut butter, or any other liquid gel based substance.

With so many traditions, celebrations, and parties lined up, the new year celebration in Germany is bound to be an affair that is a memorable event for everyone involved. What more would a traveler like than to be immersed into the culture of the place they are visiting, and celebrating the new year in a completely unique and fun way.

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now you know how to celebrate this new year right in the country of Germany! Welcome the new year with an absolute bang on your travels. Move fast and book a package package to Europe via TravelHub to be immersed in a completely new experience that will usher in a grear new year for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About New Year In Germany


Q. Why is New Year called Sylvester in Germany?

A. December 31st is also St. Sylvester Day in Germany. Sylvester I was a 4th century pope in Germany in whose name a feast day is observed on December 31 until it started to be associated with New Year’s Eve.

Q. How do you wish Happy New Year in German?

A. ‘Ein glückliches neues Jahr!’ Is how you say Happy New Year in German. You can learn more German phrases with the help of this German Language Guide.

Q. What do Germans eat on New Year’s Day?

A. Germans have a tradition of eating pork and sauerkraut on New Year’s. According to German traditions and beliefs, eating sauerkraut on the first day of the year brings good luck, wealth, and prosperity.

Q. What is New Year’s Eve called in Germany?

A. New Year’s Eve in Germany is also called Sylvester.

Q. How does Germany celebrate New Years Eve?

A. Germans celebrate New Year’s Eve with fireworks, music, traditional food, and lavish parties.

Q. Is New Year’s Eve a holiday in Germany?

A. Yes, New Year’s Eve is a public holiday in Germany.

Q. Which is the most popular German New Years tradition?

A. Here are some of the most popular German New Year traditions:
1. Rummelpott Laufen: Kids go from house to house singing and begging for sweets.
2. Sekt: Germans drinks a sparkling wine called Sekt on New Year’s.
3. New Year’s Food: Germans start their year by eating lentil soups and sauerkraut as they think it will bring them good luck.
4. Supper Parties: Germans organize late supper party with interactive food like fondue laid on their tables for New Year’s.



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