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Gratitude is a powerful sentiment. More-so, in the day and times of the pandemic. The year 2020 that got us to stand still (by literally getting the entire world’s economies to come to a standstill) is instilling the age-old values of gratitude and compassion to be rekindled.

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough,” said Oprah Winfrey emphasising the need to express gratitude for what we have. Every festival, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s, these celebratory dates mark the very spirit of humanity. So, this year, before 2021 comes knocking, let us make sure to take the time to say ‘Thank You’.

To every farmer, healthcare provider, every government facilitator, every airline, rail, road transport worker, every hyperlocal shopkeeper, every blue-collar worker who kept the surroundings clean to keep us healthy and happy and to every helper who ensured that we all live comfortably. This year, our expression of gratitude must spill over to embrace and include everyone who touched our lives to make it happier. This is the ‘value’ one must aim to address, even if the cost of the work done was small, the value of the effort has been high.

As the festive season steadily brings the Year 2020 to its last few days, there is immense reason for us to rejoice. So what, if we could not travel as much as we wished to; so what if we could not shop till we wanted to and so what, if we could not mingle freely to meet our friends and family as often we aspired to. Let’s focus on what we indeed could do – We survived. This is the greatest reason to celebrate – for being alive!

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